Sensing and interpreting affective signals

Nonverbal Communication

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We look at speech, movements and facial expressions


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In interaction, people exchange conscious and subconscious social signals


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Our algorithms interpret nonverbal signals according to context


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The Idea

We specialize in detecting social signals in interaction and making them meaningful to our users.

We develop software that analyzes video and audio recordings of human interactions that involve two or more people. It senses non-verbal signals such as posture, expressive bodily movements, facial expressions, as well as intonation or rate of speech. These signals are automatically quantified and interpreted to obtain relevant information and actionable feedback on how one’s behavior shapes the quality of interaction in a diverse range of fields and situations – including but not limited to negotiations, presentations, and healthcare consultations.

The first use case that we’re developing consists of online negotiation training sessions where 2 or more users interact via an online video conferencing setup. These sessions are automatically analyzed in order to determine the quality of the interaction over time, and to identify relevant measures of cooperative or disruptive behavior. This information helps our users to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and to develop strategies to improve their nonverbal communication skills. Furthermore, we use this information to continually and adaptively generate personalized training regimens for our users. We can provide this service either standalone, or as part of a broader talent development program.

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The Benefits

Automatically sensing
and interpreting social signals.

Objective Analysis

Automated interaction analysis is reliable, free of conscious and unconscious bias, and is an audience that never gets tired or distracted.

Actionable Feedback

We will tell you about your strengths and weaknesses in nonverbal communciation. Our recommendations on how to behave will help you perform better in challenging interaction situations.

Intuitive & Accessible

We're scientists and technologists so you don't have to be, we won't waste your time with needless complexity or detail.


Automated sensing and intepretation of social signals during interaction is useful in many domains such as education technology, digital health, and artifical intelligence.

Improving Interaction

The generated feedback will boost your learning progress to improve interaction in many situations that go beyond what you practiced.

What We Do

The principles by which we operate.

  • Science

    Affective Signals is founded by scientists and technologists. We are driven to bring the advances of our fields into the real world, while staying true to scientific practices and the rigor and integrity that they bring.

    We also keep a close eye on the evolution of scientific findings, so we can quickly identify and adopt new techniques as they become ready.

  • Technology

    We deploy cutting edge signal processing technology, web development technology, and we always keep a careful eye on design.

    This allows us to translate the scientific methods and findings into products and services that are useful to people in their everyday lives.

  • Purpose

    We are passionate about bringing the fruits of cognitive science out of the lab and into the real world. We believe affective computing can bring great benefits to many people.

    It can improve relationships and grow interpersonal communication skills. It can help our clients negotiate better, or help doctors engage and understand their patients, in person or online.

  • Privacy

    Your data and your trust is invaluable to us, and we treat it with the utmost care and respect. We follow all industry standard security practices and make sure that any partners we work with do as well.

    And we will always clearly communicate exactly how your data will be handled and what will be done with it.

  • Tryout

    Our services are available in both standalone and white-label versions. Interested? Contact us.


We are researchers, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Our team is supported by international experts from fields such as computer science, education technology, science and business development.

Portrait of Nikos Green

Nikos Green


Nikos is a former scientist turned entrepreneur who translates scientific methods & research findings into solutions to problems. As CEO he is hands-on in all domains of Affective Signals while keeping the big picture in mind.

Portrait of Marieke Rohde

Marieke Rohde


Before co-founding Affective Signals, Marieke worked as a highly published academic researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience for twelve years. As CAO she develops and directs data analysis procedures, while continuing to advance measurement techniques for nonverbal communication.

Portrait of Mike Fayer

Mike Fayer


Mike is a technologist with over a decade of professional experience who has both worked across many parts of the industry, while also observing it with great enthusiasm. As CTO of Affective Signals, he is responsible for both the technical and holistic aspects of our product.





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